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for every $1 this uniform company spends they make $11.81 in return

This uniform company works to achieve lofty returns while serving all of Australia through highly converting Australia wide e-commerce Google Ad campaigns. Priority is return on investment via high volume products that supports Aussie businesses doing exactly the same thing. Bel. Digital is stoked to have made enormous gains in the first two months.

1181% ROI

In the first 6 weeks of management


Total Revenue 15 April to 31st May 2023


$11.81 return on every $1 spent

12.55 X $$

Increase in revenue in the 1st month of management

Bel. Digital
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about the uniform company

The uniform company has been running for over a decade. Google Ads have been running since January 2010, just plodding along until April 2020, when COVID changed everything.

Between 2020 and 2023, the Google Ads performance was inconsistent, and the owners weren’t happy with their previous marketing company, so they started to look for an alternative when they came to Bel Digital. And boy, are we glad they did.

Google Ads Management for Workwear Clothing Australia

 The problem

The uniform company’s Google Ads were performing inconsistently, with March 2023 converting $5700 in sales from a $2300 ad spend, which isn’t great when we’re talking about turnover and not profit. The profit in sales of $5700 didn’t cover the ad spend and meant Google Ads wasn’t a viable marketing strategy.

What’s weird is the conversion values were $34,200 and $18,140, respectively, in the previous two months. This didn’t make sense.

When we dug deep, we found the previous agency had turned off the two most successful, incoming producing campaigns. This is a clear indicator they didn’t understand the data.

Separate from the figures, one of the main reasons they left their previous agency was the lack of communication. I’m told the agency didn’t arrive at meetings on time, didn’t send through monthly reports prior to meetings and often asked my client what they wanted to do for the Google Ads strategy for the next month.

They were also found to be regularly applying Google recommendations, which we all know will cost you a valuable budget and are rarely the recommended strategy.

what Bel. Digital found

  • Awesome Campaigns Were Paused! – The previous agency turned off epically performing campaigns they had created and were managing; heaven knows why! It shows they didn’t understand the data or weren’t even looking at the results.
  • Massive Drop in Conversion Value – January 2023 conversion value was $38,000, March 2023 was $5,781, and this wasn’t due to seasonality.
  • Competing campaigns and ad groups – overlapping and duplicate keywords driving the cost per click and, therefore cost of conversion up.
  • Ad Spend – The ad spend was spread too thinly across numerous campaigns.
  • Manual CPC Bidding Method – Although Manual CPC isn’t wrong, there are likely to be more effective bidding methods for this account
  • Conversion Tracking – GA4 Google Analytics hadn’t been set up despite there being only a couple of months before Google Analytics UA was stopped forever. This should have been running in parallel since 1 July 2022.
  • Negative Keyword ListsNegative keyword lists weren’t present in the account.

restructured account

All except for three campaigns were paused; it pays not to spread the budget too thin, focusing on performing campaigns

shopping campaign

Ongoing product optimisation in the PMAX campaign will mean we see further improvments in this campaign.

brands campaign

All brands sold by this company were split out into their own campaigns to increase visability to the keywords driving sales.

extensive negative keywords

Account wide extensive negative keyword lists were created & applied to relevant campaigns


Lots of questions, regular feedback from us and input from the client from their side, means we’re performing like an A team.

weekly review

The Google Ads continue to be optimised, and new campaigns being trialled to push this epic account’s ROI even further.

our solution

Bel Digital knew not to make assumptions and audited the account from top to bottom, editing and optimised every setting along the way.

boy did we find two golden nuggets in the previously turned-off campaigns….so we pulled them out, and are we making the make the most of them! 

We will continue to work with the client to manage their ad spend in relation to the enabled campaigns.

And as we scale, we’ll closely mange the business’ priorities alongside the performance of various brands and products in the Google Ads account. I have a very long list of future plans for this account and look forward to scaling it to lofty heights.


In the first 6 weeks (15 April 2023 to 31 May 2023) managing the account Bel Digital took an ad spend of $6,145 and turned it into $72,582 in revenue. My client is savvy and she knows her figures and she’s a dream to work with.

 They achieved a 1181% ROI. That’s a greater than 12.55 x return on investment.

 Just as importantly, the client was communicated with regularly and her monthly reporting was sent as soon as the data was available for analysis. 

Customers in this niche can take up to 16 days to convert, so after explaining this to the client, she knows her report will land approximately 2 weeks into the next month, knowing it will be accurate.

it keeps getting better

Now that June 2023 has finished I can report, from a $4,012 ad spend we generated  $59,358 in revenue. 

 They achieved a 1480% ROI. That’s nearly 15 x return on investment. I’m already looking forward to July results.

I have been working with Bel for four months now and can’t speak highly enough of her. Our results have been excellent, and Bel’s communication skills are fantastic. I have come from using a large agency and can’t believe the difference in the time and care that Bel has put into our business. She takes the time to explain all the results in an easy to understand manner and is always happy to take my calls when I have a query. I would highly recommend Bel’s services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.




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