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21,817 people avoid hospital emergency depts

with the help of this telehealth company

The telehealth company provides consistent, safe, and quality access to Emergency Physicians 24/7/365 to improve the accessibility of health care to Australians, Bel. Digital is proud to have played an integral role in meeting call targets.

11.97% CTR

During the past 3 years 11.97% of people clicked on the ad when they saw it

19.63% CONV

Jan 2021 to Mar 2024 19.63% conversion rate after clicking on an ad

21,817 CALLS

21,817 people helped at home via telehealth phone or video call

$16.34 CPA

Cost per conversion/call from Jan 2021 to Mar 2024 was $16.34

Bel. Digital
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about the telehealth company

The telehealth company was founded in 2016 by a Sydney-based emergency physician who wanted to provide Australians with access to specialist emergency doctors, no matter where they lived.

In 2022, they will relieve pressure on emergency care delivery by supporting people in their homes via phone telehealth video solutions during the pandemic.

Using the power of technology, the telehealth company has grown to be the leading Australian emergency telemedicine service, providing more convenient, quality, and timely access to emergency medical support around Australia.

The problem

The telehealth company had two problems to tackle when they first reached out to Bel Digital. Their Google Ads were doing ok, but they weren’t amazing. Previous resources varied lacked current Google Ads knowledge & were stretched amongst other priorities. They knew it was time to seek an external review from a Google Ads expert.

Seeking an initial audit, they wanted to verify current account setup and performance to see if their Google Ads were well optimised & making the most of their ad spend.

The initial brief, was to complete an audit. This quickly turned into a large-scale optimisation and retainer agreement for ongoing Google Ads management and digital marketing consultation for the company, which started in November 2020 and continues today.

what Bel. Digital found

  • Ads were enabled 24/7 when contracts were for after hours only resulting in wasted ad budget
  • Broad keywords resulting in wasted ad spend
  • Non-converting costly symptom focused ad groups
  • Leaving money on the table by not having complete thorough keyword research 
  • Inconsistent ad copy punctuation & extensions missing
  • Negative keywords didn’t exist resulting in wasted budget
  • Account settings not correct to ensure informed account management

ad schedule

Added an ad schedule to each Primary Health Network campaign, reflecting the contracted hours of operation ensuring we reached our audience when we can help them.

keyword research

Extensive keyword research was carried out to assess total volume of available traffic. The previous account barely scratched the surface.

account review

Performance reviewed, expensive non-converting ad groups & keywords were paused. Following the keyword research many ad groups were added.

extensive negative keywords

Account wide extensive negative keyword lists were created & applied to relevant campaigns. 


My health degree uniquely places me to expertly understand their industry & business model.

ongoing consulting

Additional consultating hours combined with internal marketing expertise to take them to the next level.

our solution

The telehealth company’s PPC strategy mirrored their business goals, seeking as many conversions for the available budget in order to help as many people as possible.

The Google Ads account was overhauled from top to bottom, making high-performance areas visible. Underperforming ad groups and keywords were paused.

The addition of new ad groups, keywords and negative keyword lists meant budgets were used efficiently. The comprehensive review set us up to easily scale into the future.

The Google Ads will continue to support the telehealth company’s core business & vice versa and I look forward to continuing to kick goals in partnership with the team.  


In the last three years, Bel Digital has optimised a very inefficient Google Ads account, achieving spectacular results while dealing with increased competition, COVID, lockdowns, and wildly changing consumer behaviour.

During the first month alone, I doubled their conversion rate and halved the ad spend.

In December 2020, the account started with 29 conversions per month. New territories/ campaigns were added to the Google Ads account during the past three years.

In just over a year, it achieved over 720 conversions per month. The average conversion rate was 23.40%.

One Google Ads campaign performed so well that we had to turn it off mid-way so they didn’t exceed contractual obligations with their client.

telehealth google ads results

They renewed another contract for another year after exceeding call number targets. Google Ads generated 80% of the traffic for these calls.

During the past three years, the telehealth company has helped 21,817 people avoid hospital emergency departments by providing specialist emergency medical care via phone or video call.

And these patients found the company by searching Google and clicking on a Google Ad.


Belinda is an astute & dedicated Google Ads Specialist, working with passion to improve brand awareness and conversion rates for us. As a specialised service in an emerging field, sometimes there are complex concepts to comprehend about our business model. Still, Belinda has never hesitated to delve deeper into our business, asking questions & thinking critically in order to ensure efficient spending of budget & execute all the technical details to maximise leads to our business.

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