case study

sp customs & forwarding is a small google ads account packing a big punch

SP Customs & Forwarding is an Australian family owned & operated business based in Melbourne, serving. They move freight quickly and efficiently through customs in Australia and overseas. With a monthly Google Ads spend of $500, SP Customs is proof companies don’t always need to spend thousands to return a positive ROI. Supported through laser focused & high converting customs clearance Google Ad campaigns Bel. Digital has, month on month, consistently supplied a steady stream of leads for SP Customs & Forwarding.

$500 MONTH

Avg mthly ad spend $500. Total Ad Spend $10,553

 928 LEADS

Total of 928 Leads Dec 2020 to Sept 2022

6127% ROI

Total revenue $649,600 Dec 2020 to Sept 2022

$12.90 LEAD

Avg Cost per Acquisition Dec 2020 to Sept 2022

about sp customs & forwarding

SP Customs have been in business for 28 years, with their highly experienced staff helping thousands of hassle-free shipments for a wide range of clients.

SP Customs specialise in custom-clearing solutions & freight forwarding. Airfreight to sea, from either LCL (less than a container load) or FCL (full container load), parcel post and even personal effects shipping, SP Customs takes the headache out of clearing customs and fulfilling government regulations and taxes.

The problem

SP Customs biggest issue wasn’t the performance of their Google Ads, it was communication and issues with technology. The previous consultant went missing in action.

The Google Ads were generating leads but the client wasn’t getting the emails following the submission of the website form so the ads might as well not have been turned on.

Also, Jodi wanted to verify performance of the account to see if their Google Ads account was set up correctly, making the most of their ad spend & they were getting value for money.

what Bel. Digital found

  • Technical issues with website contact form and client’s email platform
  • Client had no access the original Google Ads account 
  • Duplicate keywords across ad groups, competing against each other, therefore driving the cost up
  • Negative keyword list didn’t exist which was resulting in wasted ad spend

fix contact form

Problem solved enquiry form issues and liaised with website developer to fix the issue ensuring all enquiries were received.

keyword research

Assumptions are never made; all keyword research was re-done. Gaps were identified and new keywords added.

campaign structure

Account restructured to ensure ad groups and keywords didn’t complete against each other. All duplicate keywords paused.

extensive negative keywords

Account wide extensive negative keyword lists were created & applied to relevant campaigns.


Client education is important, it builds trust and serves the client which is what we are here to do.

communication & access

Client was informed throughout the inital account optimisation & Jodi was given access to her Google Ads account. 

our solution

The SP Customs & Freight Forwarding Google Ads strategy was based on good ole’ fashioned comprehensive keyword research and clever account structure.

This included pausing the freight forwarding campaign as these customers tend to be one-off rather than reocurring. To this day, we’ve not turned the freight forwarding campaign back on.

Diligent ongoing optimisation and the comprehensive use of negative keywords lists has seen this account perform consistently over the past 2 year, despite COVID and its affects on the logistics industry.

The Google Ads will continue to support SP Custom’s business goals and I look forward to delivering consistant results month on month for as long as Jodi will have me.


In the first month after auditing and initial account optimisation, the click through rate increased from 7.64% to 13.10% proving well researched keywords and awesome ad copy is vital. Over the past two years the CTR (click-through-rate) has averaged 11.97%.

The Google Ads have performed so well there’s never been a need to increase the ad spend. I keep asking SP Custom & Logistic’s owner Jodi to hire more staff 😉



Belinda is amazing. I  highly recommend Belinda’s services. Bel offers a reliable and efficient service with excellent reporting back to the client.

My company has greatly benefited from her knowledge and expertise in this field. In the past three years, we’ve been the busiest so far in 30 years.

Jodi Pilcher


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