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$329,361 lifetime profit generated for florida hairdressing salon in less than 2 years of google ads!

Samantha had dreams of starting a hairdressing salon. The combination of top-level hairdressing skills and Google Ads has proved the winning formula. Bel. Digital is beyond excited to have been part of the team since the start and looks forward to elevating the Salon by Sam hair salon to even greater heights. 

5489% ROI

In 20 months of Google Ads management


Lifetime Revenue from 20 months of Google Ads


Lifetime Net Profit from 20 months of Google Ads

14% Conv Rate

14% of people who clicked on an ad converted

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about the salon by sam 

The Salon by Sam was established in 2022, and it is located in Florida, USA. It has a client base of zero.

Charles and Samantha contacted me in the hope I could generate leads for hairdressing and hair extension services. 

They were cautious due to their initial lack of revenue and agreed to a three-month trial of Google Ads management. 

The problem

The newly opened hairdressing salon didn’t have any customers and had rent to pay on their premises.  

what Bel. Digital found

The website design and structure didn’t match the service’s quality, and there was no funnel to generate new customers.  


Mowing Company Google Ads Management

account structure

Created a general hair salon campaign and a specialist hair extensions campaign.

ad schedule

Set to schedule to run ads during opening hours only.

keyword research

Perform thorough keyword research for the both campaigns.

extensive negative keywords

Extensive negative keyword lists were created & applied to both campaigns. Means less wasted ad spend.


A motivated client who communicates is key. Changes to the wbesite meant we could quickly get the ball rolling. 

ad copy review

Competitor research and ad copy edits resulted in the click through rate averaging 10.38% in the first 3 months.

our solution

Bel Digital created a simple but effective Google Ads account with two campaigns: one for standard hairdressing services and the second for hair extensions.

The combination of well-researched keywords, ad copy, professional Google Ads setup, and management proved this account’s winning formula.  



The client was willing to invest in their website, making recommended changes that made all the difference. 

We manage the business’ prioritise to deliver a mix of new customers.I look forward to growing the customer database and revenue now Samantha has taken over the entire salon. 


Two years after Salon by Sam started with a three-month trial, they’re still a wonderful client who has gone from hiring one chair in the small hair salon to taking over the entire salon.

Their leads increased by 17,694%, reducing the cost per lead by 900%. We’re averaging $27.80 per lead.

The average customer’s lifetime value is $18,953. The Lifetime Gross revenue generated in the 20 months of Google Ads so far is $1,676,807. The lifetime net profit is $329,361 to date.


Hair salon Google Ads management

Representing a 5489% return on investment. This account proves that not all Google Ads accounts require high ad spending to be effective.




Bel has been great at helping us drive new business into my wife’s hair salon. We started with 0 clients two years ago, and over the past two years, her schedule has become packed! Bel has been responsive and insightful. We couldn’t have done it without her help. I highly recommend it!


Florida, USA

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