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$204, 870 profit generated for mowing & gardening company in 4 months!

This Queensland mowing and gardening company is working to grow their residential and commercial customer base through highly converting geographically targeted Google Ads. The priority for this company is to dominate in the areas where they are already operating and then to open in new territories. Bel. Digital is beyond excited to have hit the ground running with this Google Ads account with enormous gains in the first three months.

3185% ROI

In the first 4 months of management


Lifetime Revenue from just 4 months of Google Ads


Lifetime Net Profit from 4 months, before we scale!

21% Conv Rate

21.22% of people who clicked converted

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about the mowing & gardening company

The company was established in 2017,  focusing on delivering reliable and consistent lawn mowing and garden services to repeat customers.

In 2018, the owner set up the account and did a pretty good job. He then came to Bel Digital for an audit and he was also struggling to set up the conversion tracking. 

By the end of the discovery call, the owner requested a 12-month contract for Google Ads management, and the revenue generated in the first three months has to be seen to be believed.


Mowing Company Google Ads Management

The problem

The mowing and gardening company’s Google Ads account structure was great. Each location or region was separated into individual campaigns, allowing for easier future Google Ads account financial management. 

The conversion tracking set-up and other settings, not changed, could have cost thousands in wasted ad spend. 

The auto-apply Google recommendations were turned on, which we all know will cost you a valuable budget and are rarely the recommended strategy.

The keywords were too general in nature and would have wasted the budget by not converting.

The selected bidding strategy was okay in the short term, but without the knowledge that it needed to be changed a few weeks in, it would have also wasted the ad spend.

The ad schedule did match the business’ requirements.

The biggest problem was the owner of this multi-million dollar company was managing Google Ads instead of focusing on his business and enjoying some downtime for at least one day a week.

what Bel. Digital found

  • Auto-apply Google Recommendations was turned on! This setting is equally the worst setting to have turned on in a Google Ads account. It was promptly turned off.
  • Generic Landing Pages  – Each location had its own campaign but were all directed to the website homepage.
  • Commerical & Residential Ad Groups Sharing Same Budget – By being in the same campaign and sharing a budget, there was no way to direct specific values to either category.
  • Max Clicks Bidding Method – Although Max Clicks isn’t wrong, there are likely to be more effective bidding methods for this account in the long term.
  • Conversion Tracking – This was a mess, with random names and the critical metrics were entirely missed out.
  • Ad Schedule – The schedule was running 24/7 which didn’t suit this business.
  • Negative Keyword ListsNegative keyword lists weren’t present in the account.

small restructured

All commercial ad groups were duplicated and given their own campaigns for ease of budget management.

ad schedule

Set to schedule to run ads on week days only. In the future, the company structure will allow for 24/7.

keyword & match types 

Keyword review, paused general terms unlikely to convert. Changed the match type on many keywords.

extensive negative keywords

Account wide extensive negative keyword lists were created & applied to relevant campaigns. Means less wasted ad spend. 


Communication is key & a motivated client is even better. Being open to website changes means we’re kicking more goals. 

ad copy review

Competitor research and ad copy edits resulted in the click through rate averaging 13.45% in the first 3 months.

our solution

The mowing and gardening Google Ads account was audited from top to bottom, editing and optimising every setting as we went.

The combination of improved keywords, ad copy, ensuring all settings were right, and professional Google Ads management proved this account’s winning formula.  

This client is motivated to succeed and is open to digital marketing recommendations.

Finding the small one percent improvements will make all the difference as we scale this account.  Starting the specific location landing pages has already proved itself.

We’ll closely manage the business’ priorities alongside the performance of each location in the Google Ads account.

I look forward to growing the customer database and company revenue into the future.


In the first 4 months (1 September 2023 to 31 December 2023) managing the account Bel Digital took an ad spend of $29,420 and turned it into 1115 leads, averaging $26.39 per lead. The client is savvy and brilliant to work with; it’s helpful that he understands his figures and the reasons for my recommendations.

The average lifetime value of a customer is $2800. Gross revenue is $937,161 from just 4 months of Google Ads.

Net profit is $204,870, that’s a 20.31x return on investment.

When other mowing companies turned their ads off in December, this client didn’t; this move paid off handsomely.


mowing and gardening google ads management


Reporting by region is important for this client; one region costs less than half per lead compared to the other two regions.

Knowing this information is hugely valuable in decision-making.

Reporting is not one size fits all.

Bel is a true asset to our company, her capabilities around Google Ads far outweigh other companies we’ve used in the past. Our campaigns are performing extremely well and I’d highly recommend Bel’s services to anyone looking to scale their Google Ads campaigns. 


Queensland, Australia

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