When Ashley Portas came to me with a laundry list of problems, I wasn’t sure how we’d be able to even figure out where to start. Some basic strategy and “back to basics” SEO work was what was needed. We turned the business around in 90 days, and now it’s hard to believe it was ever on the rocks.

Most of my projects usually start with a step by step chart. Because, you know, we design experiences and not just a static image, and you need to stay lo-fi at the beginning.

So, I usually just do massive flow charts of the experience on a whiteboard or piece of paper. But for some reasons, I never found a good free app to draw them.

The audience.

The audience can be broken down into two categories: the avatar (the person who pays us) and the influencer (the person who influences the person who pays us). Any number of users who belong to our avatar group could become a qualified lead, either through our own work, or through the work of the influencer.

Diamondport’s main avatar has a fairly narrow range of characteristics:

  • Male aged between 25-40
  • Will have stable, well-paying employment
  • Wants to get engaged (pretty obviously)

THE THREE AVATARS: We identified three main avatars for Diamondport’s brand, and made sure we attended to these every step of the way.